Hatherleigh Community Wellbeing event on 25.1.19 – report and directory

Summary Evaluation Report


The key aim of the event was to help and encourage local people of all ages to:

     ● find out about their local community groups and services

     ● gather useful information and know where to go for advice

     ● provide inspiration to take up new activities and make new friends

     ● be offered an opportunity to have their voice heard

We also hoped by bringing community groups and services together under one roof we might:

  • create a local services directory
  • strengthen local connections
  • encourage networking and the sharing of resources
  • in some cases springboard new community ventures

The event was organised by Billie Burnett from West Devon CVS and Rose Hunter from Wiser£money, partners in Transitions, with lots of support from Shaun and Laura from Made-Well CIC, who provided social media know how, delicious hot food and served all the refreshments. A big thank you goes to Sandra and Kevin from the Hatherleigh Community Centre, DCC Cllr James McInnes for opening the event, WDBC Cllr Patrick Kimber and Hatherleigh’s Mayor Clare Tyson for attending. The quality entertainment was provided by All the Fours and Belverdere Hand Bell Ringers, Hatherleigh Community Primary School and the Hatherleigh Players. The Co-op in Hatherleigh donated refreshments. We had terrific support from all the volunteers who helped us on the way and with clearing up the hall at the end of the day.

(Transitions is a partnership between Wiser£money and West Devon CVS and funded by the Big Lottery for 3 years to provide free and confidential money and debt advice across the rural settlements of West Devon and Torridge for those unable to access mainstream advice and to work with community partners to improve rural communities financial wellbeing and reduce social isolation. We plan to run seven community wellbeing events and compare and share the findings as part of evaluating the impact of the Transitions project.)

  • Summary of what we learnt from the event
  • 250+ individuals participated in the event including 50 + individuals involved on the

        stalls, 50+ adults, children and teachers involved in the performances and 150

        members of the public.

  • 27 organisations had manned stalls (30 with WDCVS, Transitions and Made-Well).
  • 8 individuals/groups (couples and families) took part in a community consultation.
  • Over a 160 hot meals were served.
  • 53 Hatherleigh local service contact directories were given out to members of the


  • 100% of stall holders had increased their knowledge of other services (yes lots 62%,

         a little 38%).

  • 88% of stall holders had been encouraged to engage with other services (yes lots

        46%, a little 42% and No 12%).

  • 92% of stall holders had used the opportunity to consult with the public about their

        service (46% yes lots, 46% a little and 8% no.

  • What worked well? Positive feedback from the organisations attending
  • The timing
  • Providing free hot food and refreshments
  • Involving the primary school brought in lots of families
  • Number of public who attended
  • The organisation of the event
  • Number of organisations and services present
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • To improve
  • The stallholders by the stage area were unable to engage with the public whilst the performances were taking place; most felt that it was great to have the school involved in the event as it brought in families, but there was too much entertainment and for too long.
  • Entertainment at the start was not ideal as the public wanted to visit all the stalls.
  • A suggestion that we have a microphone and amplifier so we can introduce performances and the performers could be heard
  • Concern that the Bell Ringers were not appreciated; there was too much noise around them and not enough people paying attention.
  • That we were missing local groups though space to fit them in would have been difficult.
  • Round tables were hard to share by two organisations.
  • Bigger wording on the posters by the bridge.
  • More publicity.
  • Community wellbeing consultation

The most important services and community attributes recorded about Hatherleigh by the public attending:

  • Nice and quiet
  • It is really fun
  • The market, provides a  regular meeting place and useful to the whole community
  • Carnival and Festival
  • Hatherleigh Primary School

The things that would make the Hatherleigh even better:

  • Saving the Cattle Market
  • Affordable travel as it is currently too expensive
  • Classical music events, possibly held in the Community Centre
  • More things to do
  • A Zoo because I love animals!

Stallholder comments:

  • We will be signposting our patients to some of the services here by way of publicity in the practice. Ruby Country Medical Group
  • Really good opportunity to meet other organisations working locally in Hatherleigh and across Devon.   Tamar Energy
  • This event has given us ways to promote the charity through other organisations and events and for us to signpost to others Farming Community Network
  • We could have engaged with more of the other stalls; the fact we didn’t is largely due to a steady flow of people visiting us, which is a positive. North Devon Permaculture
  • Having the children sing brings in young parents and new families to the event. The singing and play breaks it up and gives variety. Hatherleigh Town Council
  • Excellent community event, really informal which encouraged the public to engage. Primary school involvement encouraged a wide age range of visitors.                                         West Devon Borough Council
  • Very good opportunity to network with other organisations. Hatherleigh Pre-School
  • Great event, lots of brilliant connections and really fun! Devon Communities Together