Okehampton Health and Wellbeing Alliance

The Okehampton Health Alliance develops, maintains and enhances services for people in our community. We do this by bringing together representatives from statutory agencies, the private and voluntary sector working in, or responsible for, health, social care and wellbeing across the area.


  • Ensure that the services delivered by our organisations and projects meet the needs of people in Okehampton and surrounding area, particularly those of the most vulnerable
  • Work together to identify the actions required to provide services to meet that need through:
    • working collaboratively
    • supporting individual partners
    • developing a collective voice to influence other agencies’ direction
  • Liaise with other organisations whether statutory or private
  • Respond to external initiatives and drivers on behalf of our service users and the community
  • Add value through the pooling of our collective knowledge and interpretation
  • Communicate our activities to partners and wider stakeholders to ensure they are kept informed of the progress and activities of the partnership in fulfilling its aims and responsibilities


Organisations or projects which deliver services to people in Okehampton and surrounding areas.