Tavistock Health and Wellbeing Alliance

Tavistock Health & Wellbeing Alliance
Terms of Reference

Purpose  To bring together representatives from statutory agencies working in, or responsible for, health and social care and local voluntary groups across the area* to improve communication and good practice in the interests of the health and well being of local people.

Tasks (i.e. what we will do?)
 Update and exchange information on changes and developments in local statutory services as they impact on local people and services in the area*
 Update and exchange information on and developments/projects between local community groups and the NHS and local authorities.
 Share skills, knowledge and best practice across the area*
 Raise and discuss issues of mutual concern with a view to seeking resolutions
 Liaise with GPs about local voluntary service input
 Build links with other local voluntary organisations
 Facilitate meetings and any additional business as and when required
 Monitor and review projects undertaken under the umbrella of the Alliance

*The ‘area’ is defined as Tavistock and surrounding parishes

Meetings will be held quarterly.
Voting if required will be by a simple majority.
Conflicts of interest should be notified to the Chair at the start of each meeting.

Membership is open to any statutory, not for profit, private group or business predominantly delivering services which support the health and wellbeing of individuals in Tavistock and area.

Members are expected to attend two meetings in each financial year.

Representatives of members attending the meeting are expected to be able to speak and act on behalf of their organisation.

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.





Agreed as amended May 2019