Rural Connector

Could you be a Rural Connector for West Devon CVS in either West Devon or in Torridge? Are you empathetic to others with a strong  commitment to the wellbeing of your community?

Our aim is to improve the wellbeing of everyone in the community, thereby making it stronger, less isolated and more resilient to challenges.

With this in mind, a Rural Connector is an individual volunteer who is interested in connecting fellow members of the community to local services and activities which may help them.  To facilitate this, the volunteer will be aligned with existing local social prescribing schemes so that anyone in the community who might benefit can be referred to wellbeing co-ordinators in the area.  

Rural Connectors will benefit from fully funded courses and workshops helping to develop the desired positive and holistic approach for this role, including:

Strength based conversations, emphasising a positive attitude and building on inherent interests and aspirations;

Workshops raising awareness on mental health, domestic violence, substance misuse, suicide talk, dementia, disability awareness, financial triggers;

Training on safeguarding (level 1).

If you are interested, please contact Billie Burnett at or ring 01837 53392 or 07704 155984. You will be asked to complete a short application form and to provide 2 character references.

This role is supported by Wiser£Money Partnership, and the Transitions Project, a rural Money and Debt Advice service for Torridge and West Devon.